About Schro’s Fine Miniatures

Small things give us cute rage.

Schro’s Fine Miniatures is a labor of love. My husband and I founded this company because we wanted to bring quality miniature dollhouses, accessories, and more to those who might not have access to a local miniatures store.

As a child, I used to imagine living in these dollhouses (actually, I still do that). There’s just something fun about getting lost in designing a miniature dollhouse.

At Schro’s, we think miniaturists from all backgrounds should be able to enjoy this fun and wholesome hobby. What’s not to love about tiny things?

Whether you’re building a home to pay homage to your great grandmother or you’re creating a fantasy home that takes your imagination on the adventure of a lifetime, you’ll find everything you need here to create a beautiful dollhouse all at affordable prices. If you’re looking for something and can’t find it, contact us. We can talk to our suppliers and see if we can source what you’re looking for.

Email: hello@schros.com